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Brazilian Free Tailed Bats

By Eric Palmer October 2, 2018
Brazilian Free-Tailed Bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) are one of the most common bats in St. George, Utah. Also known as “house bats”, Brazilian Free-Tailed Bats readily convert your home into theirs.


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They exit the Red Cliffs at dusk to dine on flying insects infesting St. George, Utah. Their preferred choice to feed upon are moths, beetles, flying ants, and June bugs making them a beneficial creature to have in our environment. We just don’t want them to treat your home like a diner and bathroom. The two most common calls pest control experts get are guano “messes” above a front door and infestation in attics.

What You Can Do

When bats begin to use your front door as their bathroom, the first and most important thing to do is clean the mess.

  1. Wear a rainproof jacket and painters’ facemask
  2. Use your garden hose to remove the guano and urine staining (looks like faint white drip marks) from the side of your home.

Physically removing the guano and urine will minimize the desirability of your front door as a resting, dining, defecating location for the bat.

What We Do

If you have tried to clean the area and the bats just won't leave you alone then you can call in the big guns, Southwest Exterminators. It is important to note that Brazilian Free-Tailed Bats are protected in Utah; moreover, they’re beneficial creatures. Our service uses humane practices to discourage bats from resting on your home.

  1. We use a medical-grade disinfectant to eliminate the invisible pheromone signature left by defecating bats
  2. We apply an organic repellent to “teach” the bats they are not welcome to use your home as a bathroom

Is the Treatment Dangerous?

While there are several possible health risks associated with bat guano, histoplasmosis is foremost among them. This fungus can affect the health of both humans and pets. The fungal spores are inhaled and can result in high fever, blood abnormalities, pneumonia, or even death. Please do not take guano lightly. It needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected to protect you and your family.

If bats are giving you a difficult time, call us today to set up a bat solution analysis.


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