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How Often Should We Spray?

By Eric Palmer March 15, 2021
The most common questions we receive at Southwest Exterminators is; “How often do I need service?” People typically wonder if they need monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or on-call services.


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The most common question we receive at Southwest Exterminators is; “How often do I need service?” People typically wonder if they need monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or on-call services.

The most requested service and the most common answer is bi-monthly (every other month). But let’s dig just a little deeper to find the best answer for you!

Service frequency depends on your expectations and tolerance. It depends on what's going on in your local environment (around your home) and it depends on the time of year. Different pests are prevalent at varying times of the year.

Spiders become extremely prevalent during the Autumn where termites are typically seen during the Spring. So, to answer the question, there are a few things that you as a client need to contemplate.

Are you okay with seeing a few slow-moving roaches between services? Do you have a zero-tolerance for bugs? Are slowing moving insects acceptable or would you only want to see spiders on their back? Do any of your neighbors get serviced or are you the only one? Do you live in an area that has a lot of agricultural ground or do you live in an area dense with homes? The answers to each of these questions will have an effect on how frequently your services should be rendered.

But I know that may sound like a cheap cop-out so here is a good guideline to help you choose a service schedule that would work well for you. (You can also call us and we would be happy to discuss the specifics of your pest control needs.)

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Monthly Service

Generically speaking, monthly service will prevent insect life-cycles. You may have heard of it referred to as preventative pest control. It is great for those who have a zero-pest tolerance, those who are the only home in your neighborhood getting a regular pest control service, and those who live in an area that has a lot of construction. It is also strongly recommended for any commercial kitchens, restaurants, or facilities which deal with food preparation or preservation.

Bi-Monthly Service

Bi-monthly service, or every-other-month, will proactively attack insect life cycles. Bi-monthly services are, therefore, typically referred to as proactive pest control. It is the preferred service schedule for the majority of Southwest Exterminators clients and the service schedule we most commonly recommend. It is great for those who do not want to see pests but understand that a dead roach may turn up on the back patio every-so-often. It is for those who have a few neighbors who get pest control service and/or have light construction activity around their homes.

Quarterly Service

Quarterly service, three-month intervals, are reactive to insect life cycles, therefore they are considered a reactive service (extermination service rather than a pest control service). This means that spider webs are beginning to accumulate around the corners of homes, slow-moving roaches are being seen when you walk outside at night, and you’ll notice a handful of pests in your garden in the late evening. Insecticides typically begin to break down at the 70-day marker, providing an opportunity for pests to build their numbers around your home. Quarterly services are best for those with a moderate to high pest tolerance, those on a budget, and those who do not have construction occurring around their home.


So the answer to the question really relies on your input, your home, and its surroundings, as well as your expectations and desires. I hope this helps, if you have any questions about the best service frequency for your home or business, please call our office or request a pest inspection here on our website.


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