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AVOIDING THE STING: The Tarantula Hawk

By Eric Palmer 29 April, 2021
The Pepsis wasp, better known as the tarantula hawk, is a member of the wasp family. Tarantula hawks get their name since females Pepsis wasps, when they are ready to lay an egg, actively seek out tarantula spiders.

Avoiding the Sting: The Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

By Eric Palmer 19 April, 2021
There are many things to be thankful for living in southern Utah. We have great outdoor activities, a wonderful amphitheater, relatively safe city streets, and splash pads for the kids. But, we do have a threat in southern Utah. We have scorpions!

Why Are WDI Reports Necessary And What Is Required For HUD/VA Transactions?

By Eric Palmer 12 April, 2021
Form NPMA-33 MUST be used by WDI inspectors to report the results of WDI inspections for any HUD/VA guaranteed property transaction. The NPMA-33 is now the norm for conventional real estate transactions in most states.

Rock Retaining Wall Risks

By Eric Palmer 5 April, 2021
Rock retaining walls also provide a nesting spot for a variety of pests. Among the most opportunistic are; scorpions, spiders, roaches, and even tarantulas!

SWSignature Services Explained

By Eric Palmer 22 March, 2021
Last week we discussed how to choose service frequencies; whether you would prefer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or on-call services. This week we are going to discuss what goes into the service you’ve scheduled.
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