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411 on the Drywood Termite

By Eric Palmer 3 March, 2022
With more than 3,000 known species of termite worldwide, they are among the most successful insects on the planet. Ants and termites make up over 50% of the insect biomass. That’s a staggering number! Termites alone are responsible for over 11% of atmospheric methane

Cockroaches: Top 10 Myths About Cockroaches

By Eric Palmer 24 February, 2022
Cockroaches rank as the most unpopular pest in the US. This pest is certainly among the most despised here in Southern Utah, so it’s no surprise that stories about them abound.

Top 10 Crazy Facts About Cockroaches

By Eric Palmer 18 February, 2022
Few in southern Utah see cockroaches as fascinating creatures, but they are rather miraculous when given a second look. You may not agree with that view when confronted with one in your home or business premises, but there is more to this annoying pest than...

Good Sanitation is as Important as a Treatment

By Eric Palmer 12 February, 2022
If you see a cockroach dart out from under your freezer, your first reaction may be to reach for a can of bug spray. Before releasing a cloud of poison into your kitchen, pause, and reconsider.

Cockroaches: 411 on The American Cockroach

By Eric Palmer 11 February, 2022
A successful alien. Few insects evoke the same revulsion as a cockroach sitting on a plate next to your dinner. And for good reason. They are noxious pests, well adapted to exploiting our habits and our homes.

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