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The Cellar Spider in St. George, Utah

By Eric Palmer October 28, 2013
Cellar spiders hang upside down from flimsy webs just about everywhere in and around homes. Because of their long, thin legs, they are often referred to as daddy-long-legs, but it belongs a different group of arachnids than a daddy- or granddaddy-long-leg spiders.

Prepping for a Flea Service

By Eric Palmer October 22, 2013
Pet owners dislike fleas as much as their pets do. Fleas cause scratching, fur loss, tapeworms, and bites leading to anemia and trips to the vet. Fleas attack a wide variety of warm-blooded vertebrates — including humans, where their bites cause intense skin irritation.

The Common House Spider

By Eric Palmer October 15, 2013
The common house spider is another European native, which has become almost ubiquitous throughout North America. Its current scientific name is Parasteatoda tepidariorum and was recently changed from but the equally tongue-twisting name of Achaearanea tepidariorum.

Inspection Tips for Bed Bugs

By Eric Palmer October 8, 2013
With bed bug infestations rising at an alarming rate, proper bedding inspections have fast joined the front line of defense in protecting and preventing the establishment of this insidious pest into expansive infestations.

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