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Roaches of Southern Utah

By Eric Palmer September 30, 2021
Heavens to mercy, if you have lived in Utah for any length of time, you know southern Utah certainly has its fair share of cockroaches. Importantly, in southern Utah, cockroaches do not necessarily mean that you are unsanitary.


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The cockroaches that are most popular in southern Utah are called para-domestic roaches, meaning they live outdoors and wander indoors looking for food, water, and shelter. Seeing roaches then does not mean you are dirty. It's not poor sanitation issues like in other areas of the country, it's simply that the roaches found a way inside your home. The local roaches are similar to crickets, albeit ugly crickets.

But that is where Southwest Exterminators comes in! We perform exterior pest control treatments that eliminate those outdoor para-domestic roaches.

It is a three-step process.

Step One: locate where they're nesting around the property.

Spraying around the house is fine to kill one and two at a time, but when you can control the entire nest, that is a far more potent service. So, step one is to locate the nesting sites in and or around your property.

Step two: go through and treat with that liquid insecticide.

Our service does include treating the home, but more importantly, we treat those nesting sites for more complete control. Eliminating the nest kills generations of cockroaches.

Step three: apply a protein-based bait.

This gives immediate and long-term control of those cockroaches.

Bonus tip, if you see light getting in around your home or around your doors, if you see dirt coming in after a dust storm, those areas are where the cockroaches can get in. We also offer pest-proofing service to residential homes to help prevent those cockroaches from gaining access to the inside of your home.

If you have any questions on pest-proofing or cockroach elimination, by all means, please give us a call here at Southwest Exterminator 435-628-2700, and we will help keep you cockroach-free. Have a great day!



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