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Bat Removal and Relocation

Bats are beneficial insect hunters and are protected by law, allow us to humanly remove and relocate the bats making a mess of your home.
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Our three pronged approach to humanely remove and repel bat is to gently convince the bats to roost elsewhere


Capture, remove, and re-locate the bat population.


Sanitize the area with medical grade disinfectants.


Apply a repellent, and if appropriate seal the entrance points the bats are using.


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Bats are protected in Utah; they are also a bug guy's best friend! Together bats pest assassin keeps your home bug-free. However, we don’t want bugs messing Up our home with guano and urine stains. Southwest offered a three-pronged, Humane bat removal and repellant service to gently convince the bats to roost elsewhere.



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You can trust our family to protect your family. Here's what our clients are saying about our Bat Removal and Relocation services.
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Very professional and knowledgeable! I know that we can always count on Southwest Exterminators to do a great job.

- Michelle Boulter


I have been using their services for a while, and I plan to continue doing so. Always punctual and results are quick. Have been very pleased with this company.

- Jerry Gonzales


I could not be happier working for this company. It has been great watching it grow from a single truck that had way too many miles to a successful company with multiple tech taking care of southern Utah residents.

- Eric Palmer


Appreciate how easy everything is and how well taken care of I feel

- Heather Zollinger


Southwest Exterminators services our residence on a regular basis. I have not had any problem with insects, which is a result of the great service I get (found several dead bugs after treatment.) I also had a problem with lawn grubs, which SW identified. Their treatment of the grubs fixed the problem. Thanks guys!

- Paul Nie

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