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Gopher Protection

Gophers can ruin your garden, yard, and landscaping. Whether you have an organic garden, desert landscaping, or luscious grass, we have a control option that is right for you.
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We offer a three pronged approach to gopher elimination:


We will probe the affected area to locate all active tunnels and burrows.


We will deploy at least 6 traps (often even more) to insure a rapid & effective control.


Once all gophers have been controlled we will backfill the tunnels with a capsaicin inpregnated soil to repel future gopher populations.


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We can also use a commercial-grade gopher bait for those trap shy gophers. For the most troublesome gophers, we have a mechanical gopher fumigator which rapidly controls the gopher without affecting your lawn or garden.




Great customer service!

- Shara Hall


Have been using this company for many years, and I would consider our properties bug free or as close as you can get, if there ever is an issue they always come right back to deal with it.

- Don Kruse


Just moved to St. George and found a scorpion in my house! I was scared for the safety of my two dogs and my concern with some friends. One friend recommended Southwest Exterminators, called within the hour and they were at my home the very next day. Eric was on time, throughly explained the process and told me what to expect-especially the idea of seeing a scorpion move into the middle of the room and die there. And of course that happened the very next day! I was grateful on the education of how the products work and thrilled to report, I haven't seen anymore scorpions!

- Cherie Letcher


Great company! I will continue to use Southwest Exterminators. :-)

- Deborah Palmer


Eric with SW Exterminators goes above and beyond to eradicate any and all creepy crawly things. I know Eric personally. He cares for every job like it's literally his own home. There are many exterminators in the area, I don't trust anyone as much as I trust him. He knows Pests. You're needs are met with SW Exterminators, I'm really glad I finally have an exterminator I trust.

- Colby

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