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Rock Retaining Wall Risks

By Eric Palmer 5 April, 2021
Rock retaining walls also provide a nesting spot for a variety of pests. Among the most opportunistic are; scorpions, spiders, roaches, and even tarantulas!

SWSignature Services Explained

By Eric Palmer 22 March, 2021
Last week we discussed how to choose service frequencies; whether you would prefer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or on-call services. This week we are going to discuss what goes into the service you’ve scheduled.

How Often Should We Spray?

By Eric Palmer 15 March, 2021
The most common questions we receive at Southwest Exterminators is; “How often do I need service?” People typically wonder if they need monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or on-call services.

Brazilian Free Tailed Bats

By Eric Palmer 2 October, 2018
Brazilian Free-Tailed Bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) are one of the most common bats in St. George, Utah. Also known as “house bats”, Brazilian Free-Tailed Bats readily convert your home into theirs.

The Cellar Spider in St. George, Utah

By Eric Palmer 28 October, 2013
Cellar spiders hang upside down from flimsy webs just about everywhere in and around homes. Because of their long, thin legs, they are often referred to as daddy-long-legs, but it belongs a different group of arachnids than a daddy- or granddaddy-long-leg spiders.

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